iOS Update Is Causing More and More Problems to Users

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Apple have just released a third dedicated bug fix, in the form of yet another iOS update, in three weeks, and it’s causing iPhone users problems. Again.

Following Apple iOS 11’s troubled launch and the rushed releases of iOS 11.0.1 (which made things worse) and iOS 11.0.2 (which made things even worse), Apple have attempted to rectify the problems with another release of much of the same thing.

Once again the dominant themes for iOS 11.0.3 upgrades are poor performance and heavily degraded battery life.

Last month, Wandera ran data analysis across 50,000 iPhones and revealed those who had upgraded to iOS 11 saw battery life declines of an average of 60 per cent. No iOS 11 update since has even cited battery life problems, and apparently Tim Cook is having a lovely time burying his head in the sand.

This aside there are also plenty of reports of problems with overall stability, Touch ID and Bluetooth.

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